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What’s in my Zero-Waste Travel Bag?

Today I’d like to share what’s in my zero-waste travel bag! I think being mindful of what you use and how it affects our environment is so important and it’s all too easy to forget about this when you’re on the road. There are a few items I ensure I always have with me on a day out to try and minimize my waste (especially … Continue reading What’s in my Zero-Waste Travel Bag?

The In-Flight Survival/Beauty Guide

Remember when you were just a naïve, little child? Impatiently pulling your parents toward the plane? Unaware of the horror that is a long-haul flight… Yea me too. Sadly, those days are long gone. No matter how many times I’ve done them, long-haul flights are and will always be an absolute nightmare. But fear not!… Continue reading The In-Flight Survival/Beauty Guide