We’ve got some sharks to save!

Welcome back to navigate! I’ve missed you all and am so happy to be back. After three lockdowns this year the end is finally in sight! Which hopefully means a bit more travel! Until then I wanted to share some of the other projects that have been taking up my time recently.

One of my lockdown past-times has been setting up my shop “Simple Intricacies”. This shop was originally set up to sell my art but has in time turned into a brand advocating for both mental health and ocean conservation! The latter being achieved through selling various ocean related items (found within the ocean conservation shop section) of which a portion of the profits are donated to relevant charities.

One of my personal favourite ocean conservation items is the bracelets my partner over at FINtastic Awareness and I have made from old fishing gear we found in the Black Sea. We’re always on the lookout for litter and discarded fishing gear whenever we’re on the beach so I’m sure there will be more bracelets in different colours coming soon!

And now for the item I really wanted to share today: the shark conservation sticker and info pack! These packs contain a high quality vinyl sticker featuring my one-line shark design. You can find out exactly which shark charity you’re supporting on the sticker sheet. Along with the sticker you’ll also receive a variety of flyers and information to learn more about sharks, the threats they face and how you can aid in their conservation. And for just one pound you can upgrade to a sticker and badge pack which actually doubles your donation!

Interested? You can find these shark conservation packs here!

Can you spot my other ocean conservation stickers too?)

Thanks for reading. I’m glad to have you back!

Check out Simple Intricacies:


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