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Coping with Corona – Mental Health Resources

This post isn’t exactly travel related, but I felt it was important to share nonetheless. As many of you will be aware, the United Kingdom is officially on lockdown as of last night.

With everyone panicking over staying physically healthy, I wanted to remind everyone to take a second and check up on their mental health too. The idea of being cooped up inside for the next three weeks can be very scary, it’s okay to admit that. Not to mention the fear, uncertainty and anxiety the media tends to fill us with every day.

As such, I wanted to share a short post containing some resources about dealing with the effects of the virus and lockdowns on your mental health. Also in this post are helplines should you need immediate mental health support.

Lockdown & social distancing mental health advice

NHS – How to look after your mental wellbeing while staying at home

Beyond blue – Looking after your mental health during the corona virus outbreak


Beyond Blue (Australia)
(Call 24/7, online chat & email support)

NHS (UK) – Links to: Mental Health Helplines
(Includes helplines for specific mental illness like anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, etc. As well as mental health help for men)

Mental (USA) – Immediate help

More Resources:

For work: Headspace – A mindful approach to helping your team through the current global crisis

Dealing with lockdown:  Mind – Coronavirus and your wellbeing

Dealing with the virus: Rethink – Managing your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak

I know this lockdown seems drastic, but it really is needed to protect the vulnerable people in our society and the health professionals on the front lines. The word lockdown is of course somewhat intimidating but bear in mind, we are now simply doing what other countries already have been. We’ve just named it something different.

So, stay safe, look after yourself, look after your friends and family (from a distance) – and don’t forget your mental health.

Please do share this post to ensure everyone has easy access to these resources should they need it. If you know about your country’s mental health helplines and resources please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Thank you x


5 thoughts on “Coping with Corona – Mental Health Resources

  1. Reblogged this on The World of Cruise and Travel and commented:
    Hi guys,

    I came across this blog post from Sophie from Navigate and I feel it is appropriate to share this with you. Sophie is sharing some mental health resources on coping with COVID-19 and also where to get help from if needed.

    I have never shared other people’s blog post before, but if there are people in the blogging and social media community that this might be of help to, then it is absolutely worth sharing!


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  2. Hi Sophie, thanks for putting those resources together. I have reblogged your post as I feel any resource that can help people in this hard time should be made widely available. The more people read this, the better.

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