How to write when you don't know what to write (Halloween special edition) a travel-bloggers guide to overcoming writer's block and procrastination laptop notebook coffee cafe

How to write when you don’t know what to write…

A travel-blogger’s guide to overcoming writers block and procrastination

Happy Halloween! And welcome to this Halloween post about the spookiest thing of all: Writers-block. (dun dun duuuun) Sweeping the blogosphere like an epidemic, we’re all at risk. No cure has been found as of yet. But fear not, new advances have been made in the effort of finding a cure!

Am I currently suffering from this terrifying plague? Maybe. Was this post originally scribbled on an old notebook while I sat in bath trying to calm down from the five coffees I had that day? Maaaybe… You’ll never know. But hey, at least I’m writing something, which leads me straight to possible cure number one…

Cure 1: Write

Alright, alright, put down your pitchforks, I know you wouldn’t be here if you knew what to write about (and I promise the next few tips might be better for you), but just hear me out. Try writing about your writer’s block. Why is this happening? Why can’t you write? Just put down the first thing that pops into your head and know that if it’s an incomprehensible mess it’ll never have to see the light of day. Write about cows for all I care. Sometime all you need is to get the ball rolling, or in this case get the pen moving I guess. Just make a start.

Cure 2: Go old-school

There are not many things more intimidating than a bright, blank screen waiting to be filled. The cursor blinks at you mockingly while one hand reaches for the keyboard and the other goes straight to the backspace key. That little key making it all too easy to be too hard on yourself and just start over. So, it’s time to go old-school. Grab a notebook and pen and just get out the house. Go for a walk, sit in a café, watch people go about their day and just soak it all in. Let your surroundings inspire you.

Cure 3: Back to your roots

Possible cure number three, our most promising lead yet. Think about why you want to write, then try and put it into words. The last time I felt uninspired I went to my favourite coffee spot in Bucharest (Bob’s coffee pop-up in Băneasa Shopping City). I sat overlooking the people in the shops below and thought about why I want to write. Deep down, what is the point of Navigate? I’ll save my deep ramblings for another day. But I’ll tell you this much, as soon as I had written down all my motivation it took less than a minute for me to start frantically scribbling down my next post.

Though writers block will likely be a lifelong struggle, at least I’ve found a few ways to cope with it. I hope these ideas will inspire some of you. And if you have discovered any cures of your own, be sure to share them below. I’m sure it’ll be appreciated by many.  

PS. Sorry for the lack of pictures but I didn’t think photos of me staring at my laptop screen in frustration would be particularly inspiring to anyone.

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