A Weekend Wandering Through Istanbul

Thin, crowded roads snake through rows and rows of houses and shops. People everywhere. One side of the river westernized, the other side still flaunting eastern influences. The bridge linking the two is filled with locals fishing, trying to earn a living in-between all the tourists with their rain jackets and cameras. 

We were welcomed to the city with rain and dark skies, giving everything a grey wash. But seeking shelter from the cold we quickly found ourselves in the markets, surrounded by nothing but bright hues and the scent of hundreds of spices filling the air around us.

On our second day, the sun was shining and encouraged us to explore the city further. This impromptu trip had little planning gone into it, but as we were about to discover, you don’t need to plan for Istanbul. Simply walking, wandering about, is all it takes to take in this stunning city. Mosques peek out from the skyline, inviting you closer to explore their grandeur. Cafes on every corner serving Turkish delights and tea.

Love, Sophie den Hartog

Have you had a chance to wander though Istanbul yet? Let us know your experiences and recommendations the comments below!


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